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Gaza: Preventing Import and Manufacture of Electronic Cigarettes as a "Killer Alternative" Health

The Gaza Strip's Palestinian Ministry of National Economy has banned the importation, introduction and manufacture of electronic cigarettes in the Gaza Strip in order to preserve the health of citizens.

"The ministry issued this decision because of the seriousness this type of electronic cigarette represents for the health of citizens," said ministry spokesman Abdel Fattah Abu Moussa.

Abu Musa described these cigarettes as a "deadly alternative" than ordinary cigarettes, as citizens consider them a "safe alternative" and this firm belief that they are very wrong, he said. It is used in them. "

This liquid, which depends on heat treatment and heat, is the greatest damage to human health by inhaling the nicotine vapor it emits.

The ruling by the Ministry of Economy follows international reporting on the health hazards of these cigarettes, according to Abu Musa, who warned citizens against violating the ministry's decision, emphasizing that legal action will be taken against violators.

Electronic cigarettes work through a heat heater that converts liquid into vapor.

A recent study by researchers at Sydney University of Technology and the Wolcock Institute for Medical Research in Australia, in collaboration with the University of Vermont, warned that smoking cigarettes with different flavors could make asthma worse. Allergies and bronchitis.

According to the study, electronic cigarette use has increased dramatically in recent years, especially among young smokers, with an estimated 9% of those aged 18-24 regularly in the United States.

Earlier studies have found that the flavors used in electronic cigarettes cause inflammatory and oxidative responses in lung cells, and the effects of these flavors extend to the blood, are toxic and cause programmed death of white blood cells.

The World Health Organization also published a report in 2015, warning that electronic cigarettes contain toxic substances harmful to health.

According to WHO, tobacco kills nearly 6 million people in the eastern Mediterranean region each year, including more than 5 million current and current former tobacco users, and about 600,000 non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke.

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