Galaxy S10 Plus gets the title of "Best phone in the market" ahead of the iPhone XS


Samsung's latest Galaxy S10 Plus ranked first in the latest rankings of smart phones launched by Consumer Reports, the benchmark consumer products in the US, outperforming the company's previous phones as well as its latest rival, Apple. IPhone XS.

Consumer Reports, ranked as the best cellphone of the year by the Galaxy Note9, is one of the leading device review and evaluation magazines in the US market since 1936, and its reports make a big impact on the American user when deciding to buy their new handsets. So recommending any product is not like any other recommendation from users in YouTube comments.

According to Consumer Reports, the Galaxy S10 Plus has the longest battery life of an average of 39.5 hours for normal use, compared to 29 hours for the Galaxy Note9.

The Galaxy S10 Plus also proved to be more powerful than its competitors in terms of external shocks, according to the report. The magazine said the smartphone appeared risk free after falling 100 times and survived the immersion tests.

"What sets the Galaxy S10 Plus to the forefront is the exceptional way it performs the fundamentals," Consumer Reports reported in its report. "It has the longest battery life in our ratings, excellent cameras and durability to withstand the physical abuse of everyday life."

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As for the camera, the magazine said that the Galaxy S10 Plus has closed the very fine gaps with the latest iPhone phones. Apple's smartphones have passed Consumer Reports' camera tests in previous years.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 Plus on February 20 along with three other phones: the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 5G, features a longer screen that includes the dual front cameras as well as it came with three rear cameras, an on-screen fingerprint sensor, and improved internal specifications.


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