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For these reasons, Huawei has become more innovative than Apple

According to a website Phonearena.com About the site BloombergHuawei spent $ 15.3 billion on R & D last year, double the company's spending over the past five years. Huawei is now among the top 10 spenders in R & D, and the R & D spending budget has increased 149 percent since 2014.

In fact, Huawei ranked fourth as the world's largest research and development company in 2018. Huawei spent 14% of its revenue last year on research and development, while Samsung spends 8% and Apple 5%.

And according to what the site Phonearena.comHuawei will become the world's largest maker of smartphones by 2020, with more than 200 million handsets being sold in 2018, making it the third largest in the world, replacing Samsung and Apple. Huawei invested heavily in research and development, resulting in many innovations that other companies have imitated and matched with their innovations.

For example, Huawei was the first smartphone manufacturer to introduce Huawei's first three-lens camera P20 ProAnd the first to introduce wireless reverse charging technology into your phone Kill 20 Pro Allowing the phone to be used as a charging platform for many wireless-enabled devices, and Samsung imitates this feature in its series of phones S10, Where she was named PowerShareAnd the new iPhone should come with this feature.

In addition to the possibilities and benefits of smart phones, Huawei was the first companies to provide a gradient in the design of their phones, which means that the design of the phone carries more than one color, and this is what we saw on Huawei P20 That was launched by the company last year and then quickly some of the smart phone manufacturers designed phones with the same color gradient.

Huawei has not stopped impressing its smartphone users with its innovative innovations and recently introduced its phone P30 Pro, The world's first camera phone Periscope This allows the user to accurately predict a miraculous approximation of up to 5 times of optical approximation, 10 times of hybrid approximation and 50 times of digital approximation. Like Huawei P30 Pro Achieved record unprecedented test result DxOMark 112 based on its new Leica four-wheel camera.

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