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For iPhone users .. What to do after shutting down iTunes?


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Tuesday 11 June 2019

Cupertino – (AFP):

Apple has announced that iTunes will be closed with the launch of the new Mac OS Catalina in the fall.

The program will be divided into four separate applications: Music, TV, Podcasts and Finder. The following are some clarifications about these new applications:

– What will happen to Media Desk after the closure of iTunes?

Apple made it clear that all music and music purchased or imported will not be lost but will be brought to the new music application as well as playlists or smart playlists.

– Will the iTunes Store be available?

Yes, the iTunes store will still be available on Macs, desktops, iPhones and Apple TV. Mac owners can find the iTunes store in the music app, and other apps have their own purchase intervals. Use store balance with ease, and Apple Music users can optionally hide iTunes Store.

– Where can I get movies and series?

Users can now find movies and TV shows on the TV application where they can be purchased or borrowed. The practical feature of the new TV application is that it incorporates new channels of programs or services, such as Sky-Ticket. ITunes.

– Where can I get podcasts and audiobooks?

The podcast and podcast services that have been signed by iTunes can be found in the Podcasts app, which has been updated for some time on Apple iOS-equipped mobile devices. Find your own audiobooks in the Books app, which has been updated to the new version.

Can I sync my smartphone to iPhone, iPad computer and iPod music player?

In fact, the synchronization is the same as before, but with only one difference: when the cable is connected, the data synchronization and recovery process occurs in the Finder application in the future, the user can create backups in file management, Cloud Computing with iTunes Shutdown.

Does this apply to all Macs? What about Windows computers?

Changes related to Apple iTunes will only apply to Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina computers starting this fall, and iTunes will continue to run on older versions of the operating system. New changes to Windows will not apply to current information.

The new Mac OS 10.15 Catalina is scheduled to be released in the fall.

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