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FilGoal | News Season rising to the wind in 12 days .. Last hope waiting

On 12 April, Al Hilal defeated Al Ahli with an unanswered goal: Al Nasr lost 3-1 to Al-Ittihad on the following day.

Al Hilal returned to the top of the championship, two points chasing Al-Nasr for three rounds before the end of the season.

At that time, Al Hilal was preparing to play in the Arab League final against ES Sahel and after that he would find himself in the semifinals of the Guardian of the Sacred Two Mosques Cup before facing him again, but in the championship.

Three competitively challenged tournaments by the Saudi club leader and the season seemed to be going well.

But what happened in the next 12 days was disastrous for Hilal.

The star

At the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, Al Hilal met Al Sahli in the final of the Arab Championship.

While the result indicated a positive draw for each team.

Mohamed Abdullah Al-Mathnani scored a deadly goal for Al Sahli in the 90th minute to snatch the title for the Tunisian team.

The biggest disaster

On the 26th of this month, specifically last Friday, Al-Hilal met with the cooperation in the semifinals of the Custody Cup of the Two Holy Mosques.

But the result was disastrous for the leader who fell with a top five without a response to leave the tournament and let the cooperation fly to the final.

Guilt can become a judge. Cooperation again

Four days after the five-day meeting, Al Hilal and Al-Hilal met again on the 29th of this month, but this time in the championship.

Al Hilal was in desperate need of victory to return to the top of the league and away from the victory by two points.

But was not taken into account again after the leader fell to cooperation with two unanswered goals to leave the victory at the top of the league by only one point.

A glimpse of hope?

Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr have two games remaining at the end of the league, the leader will meet with the agreement and youth, but victory will face steadiness and low.

Al Hilal must win the next two games and wait for a package gift or at home to end the season with a championship or else the entire season has already ended in 12 days.

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