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Matthias de Liechte – Ajax – Juventus – UEFA Champions League photo

The eighth consecutive championship of the league with ease, without competition and a slap in the Glass of Italy outside the local pair for the fifth consecutive season.

This is the case of Juventus, who still seek the Champions League title and remains stubborn to follow Paris St Germain.

The Italian champions have not been able to overcome the Ajax youngster, who managed for the third time this season to beat the adults from Bayern Munich in the group stage through Real Madrid and finally Juventus.

Far from the coach and the absence of a number of Juventus players because of injury Juventus failed in front of their fans to keep the dream of the third European title away from the old lady.

We looked at some of the reasons that influenced Juventus a lot in winning the Champions League

  • Paris Saint-Germain

With the start of the Champions League and the number of deals that Parisians hire, we hope to escape, but we always fall into the same trap and deposit in advance in various ways, either "Comeback" or a hard-won defeat, the most important being " non-international league ".

The same applies to Juventus after he has left for the second consecutive quarter of European competition. The league is set up early in digital format and begins to focus on the Champions League title and finally fails, weak league competition and higher than its direct rivals.

The return of the poles of Milan and Rome forward again with the true competition of Naples will make everything on the Juventus be in their hands in full concentration and readiness, both locally and internationally. Europe.

There is no doubt that Alegre is one of the best coaches in the world and Italy, especially in recent years, knows how to read matches and can come back from far away at Atletico Madrid this season as well as at Real Madrid and Tottenham.

But the biggest disadvantage of Allegri is that he can not move in a match. If Allegri had another chance yesterday he would have won and therefore he is his own enemy. He succumbed to the wounds and absences of his team, despite resting most of his stars last Saturday and lose to Sabal, Downward Spiral.

Everyone was commenting on the Italian that he is playing the league all his life and does not crush his opponents, while the same thing won the European and lost the Young Boys, Manchester United and Atletico Madrid. He will receive a single title at the end of the season.

The first and last reason why Cristiano Ronaldo came to Juventus is to win the Champions League, not the local championship, Juventus want a third title in their coffers and the Portuguese want to be the most rewarding title after the European Quartet with Real Madrid .

Five goals from Juventus in the last 16, which came from Portugal, increased dramatically following the arrival of Ronaldo, after a dream come true and many Juventus were awarded thanks to their contracts and strength to form the team they won the title since the beginning of the season.

The players have moved away from pressure, both Paolo Dibala, who was the star of the first team through Miralim Pianic, whose performance has greatly diminished this season, and the Bianconeri's defense is not as terrible as in previous seasons.

Europe's departure is not only a threat to Juventus but also to the whole Serie A, which is a big loser in every moment in the pursuit of their goal, and will not achieve this as the hero of the single season.


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