FilGoal | News Photos of English newspaper covers – What she said about the "murder of a quadruped"


A crazy frenzy in the final seconds of Manchester City and Tottenham in the Champions League, and of course this was reflected in the covers of English newspapers.

Manchester City won 4-3 at Tottenham in the quarterfinals of the quarter-finals, was not enough because of a 0-1 defeat. In addition to a goal in the final seconds of Rahim Strling by video technique, Capilla has scored for Pep Guardiola. (See details)

In another game, Liverpool defeated Porto 4-1 at the Estádio do Dragão to attack Barcelona in the semifinals. (See details)

Let's review the covers of the English newspapers and how they dealt with the excitement of the hero's night

Newspaper The Times Highlighted the fact that Manchester City will not win all the titles this season, and I said: "Spears and video technology destroy the Quartet's dream"

Newspaper Mirror She approached the subject with verbal deception, saying, "Oh my four!"

To be the title on the weight of "Oh my God!"

The newspaper added: "7 goals and two controversial arguments of video technology, Sterling's goal at last breath was canceled to break Pep's dream."

And the qualification of comrades Mohammed Salah to face Barcelona, ​​she said: "Liverpool with a perfect mood to make Messi mess."

Newspaper Express I crossed the art of madness City and Tottenham: "Out of this world."

She added: "Spears ends City's dream in a 7-goal move."

She also praised Ridz's strong offer: "Liverpool prove their skills and prepare for a battle with Barcelona."

Newspaper Star Use the same address Mirror By chance, saying: "Oh my four!"

She added: "Video technology kills the city's march toward the quartet."

She talked about the other game: "Boys from the club booked a meeting with Barcelona."

While the newspaper The Guardian Creative in words and said: "Hype, Hype, Horay."

The term "hip, hip, hooray" is used for the purpose of blessing.

The verbal mistake was in Fernando Llorente's score of the Tottenham goal in the hip area, which means "hip" in English.

The newspaper added: "Llorente talks to Spears after a night full of controversy over video technology."

And the qualification of Liverpool dazzling: "Bring Barcelona".

She went on: "Liverpool are sailing through Porto and qualifying for the semi-finals to face Messi and his team-mates."

A newspaper said I: "Llorente decides the classic game of all time."

She added: "Spears passes after the video technique has canceled the goal of a late Sterling victory in the quarter-finals of the Champions League epic."

For her part, she said Telegraph: "Amazing".

She added: "The video technique eliminates the goal of Sterling's win at 94," and has Llorente's winning goal to snatch a classic win. "

With great confidence, she said about the upcoming Liverpool meeting: "Bring Barcelona".

Tight: "Liverpool are going to have a meeting with the Spanish giants."


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