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FilGoal | News Mohamed Ezz El Din tells Loul on his tour from Al Ain to Zamalek


Zamalek's goalkeeper, Mohamed Ezzeddin, moves to Legianis

Two years later, the dream came true: it seemed difficult for a young player who had no contract, but his faith in his skills and his hard work to achieve his ambition made him a guard in the Spanish league.

Mohamed Ezz El Din, a talented young Egyptian guard, opened the doors of professionalism to him. He trained hard to develop his level and increase his skills until he persuaded the Legianis Club to hire him. Mohamed Leroy made his trip from Zamalek to Spain.

"The story began with an agent who saw me in Zamalek and pointed me to a Spanish company that works with him and uploaded my own footage. In turn, the marketing company tried to ask Leganis to help me to spend my life in May. 2017 ".

"They have followed me since, and for months they asked me to spend another life, and after a week they hired me, thank God."

Well, how much did Zamalek get for your transfer? "Nothing, because Zamalek is not a contract with me as a player under 18," Mohammed said.

The answer is followed by a query question, how? "There is no contract for a player in Egypt who has not yet reached the age of 18, so he has the right to leave for free if he has a chance, but if he wants an Egyptian team he must get rid of his original club first." Make sure the information is correct by contacting the Zamalek Club.

Well, who trained you and contributed to your development?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: Captain Sameh Ismail, coach and coach of goalkeeper Hosny Mosaad.


Has he discovered you?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: No, but captain Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, one of Zamalek's coaches. He's the only one who came to me from Enbi. I met him through Captain Izzat Al-Iraqi, my former coach at Enppi, and here came the opportunity to play in Zamalek, which was a dream come true for me.

Why do you want to leave Zamalek then?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: Just because I dream of professionalism. Things were good in Zamalek, but I want to play in Europe.

Well, which slogan do you want to defend?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: Real Madrid

Who is your favorite in Egypt?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: The legend of Essam El Hadary.


And foreigners?

Mohamed Ezz El Din: I really like Arsenal goalie Allison Baker.

The professionalism of a young player makes his native country run the risk of losing in the future if he acquired the nationality of another country, which led us to ask Mohammed to surprise us that he already has another nationality!

"I really do have US citizenship, but I expect to play for Egypt when they call me at any time," he says.

Thank you Captain Mohammed and good luck on your next trip.

Mohamed Ezz El Din: Thank you very much.

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