FilGoal | News A president enough to defend himself: Raising the teams of the CAF Africa does not mean the high return of the tournament broadcast


Hani Abu Rida accompanies Ahmed Ahmed on a visit to Cairo Stadium

CAIRO: Ahmed Ahmed, president of the African Football Confederation (CAF), has defended himself against anyone who accuses him of not giving Egypt his full participation in the 2019 African Nations Cup.

"There is no connection between the right of satellite transmission and the increase of the championship teams. Lagardier has bought the rights for years and now we are negotiating to re-evaluate things, although it is difficult because the contracts are already signed," said Ahmed of Madagascar.

"I always hear about corruption in Kef, so we ask FIFA to intervene and analyze things. I am sure that everything is going well and that there is no corruption and that everyone has to wait for what the Living Committee will say," he said.

He concluded: "There are lies against K and all of their committees are incorrect, and everyone will see the integrity of the Union in the next few days."

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Amr Fahmy, a former secretary general of CAF, accused Ahmed of not giving full rights to Egypt for the return of the tournament, saying that the increase in the number of CAF teams would increase the profits of television broadcasts.

In Cairo Stadium, at 10 am on Friday, the 32nd edition of the African Cup, which will be held for the first time with the participation of 24 teams for the first time in the middle of the year AD.

Egypt hosted the continental competition after being chosen enough instead of Cameroon, who has not received preparations for the tournament to be accepted by the African Union.

The tournament begins with Pharaoh's first game on Team A.

The Cairo Stadium has become the most prestigious venue to welcome the public and the opening of the tournament after its renewal. The stadium is one of six stadiums to host the African Nations Cup.

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