FilGoal | News A meeting between the ambassador of Zimbabwe and the players of his country to discourage them from "not playing" the opening of the nations of Africa


The Zimbabwean ambassador to Cairo will hold a meeting with his country's players to discourage them from playing the opening match of the 2019 African Nations Cup against Egypt.

Earlier, media reports indicated that some players were reluctant to play the game, to disrupt Zimbabwe's scheme agreed with the players.

According to the correspondent for, who is present at the Cairo Stadium for the follow-up of the main Zimbabwean, the ambassador is meeting with players who must face Egypt at the opening meeting to discourage them from making that decision on the pitch.

Africa's opening match between Egypt and Zimbabwe is scheduled for Friday at the Cairo International Stadium at 10 pm.

Zimbabwe is in Group 1 of the African Nations in 2019, alongside Egypt, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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