FilGoal | Abdel-Ghani: Ahli is not oppressed to defend the Football Association


Majdi Abdel Ghani said Al Ahli did not need to support the Football Federation after striker Wazid Azaro suspended two matches with a decision by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) before a match against Esperance at Rades Stadium.

"Al-Ahly is not oppressed to defend him and no one is going to touch him in Tunisia. I am sure that our brothers in Tunisia will protect him," Abdel Ghani said through the program.

He continued: "If Esperance to injustice in the first game Borg Al Arab, Ahli has been much wronged in recent years."

He repeated the bulldozer: "Ahli does not need the support of the Football Federation and it is indispensable".

"Esperance came to Kef as a result of the sense of injustice of his officers in the first round."

"What do we do before the Esperance complaint, we take a proactive action praising the Algerian government?"

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