Fayoum Governor delivers 72 productive projects to eligible families


Major-General Essam Saad, governor of Fayoum, delivered 72 productive projects to eligible families from various parts of the province during a ceremony organized by the Saladin Association for Community Development in cooperation with the Kuwait Charitable Projects Office in Cairo and the province of Fayoum. Al-Kandari is the director of the Kuwait office for charitable projects in Cairo.

The governor of Fayoum said: "Today we celebrate the distribution of 72 production projects, including 40 sewing machines, 22 perineum and baker, and 10 cars for 72 families from different parts of the province as source of income and to improve their economic level. said that families were selected after conducting the necessary social research.Economic and social development.

The governor praised the role of NGOs and civil society organizations in helping simple and low-income families, encouraging them to support themselves and providing an adequate source of income to become productive families, and emphasizing the importance of community active role of NGOs in improving people's standard of living.


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