Monday , October 18 2021

Down Syndrome child attacks Yasmin Sabri .. The latter apologizes for the third time


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Yasmine Sabri was once again the most traded on Twitter after an attack of a girl with Down syndrome.

The girl said in a video on YouTube: "This is a defect! And I am a strong zeal for you by my choice, and although I love all people but do not love you, please take care of us, please be ashamed of us, we are not mentally handicapped, we understand and we know how to deal with people in a dignified and dignified way ".

She addressed the Minister of Culture, Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, saying, "I want my right and the right of my friends, Tant, Inas Abdul-Dayem, and you will respond to our rights."

"I love and appreciate my sisters and friends who have the Syndrome of Love and have apologized for any unintentional mistake I did not make and respect for their achievements and their abilities and for their parents," said Yasmin Sabri.

This comes after his apology for the second time via Twitter on Saturday night's writer: "Apologize to all those who hurt them .. I did not mean any abuse."

The crisis began when Yasmin published a photo of her inside the gym where she was in her head. One of the reports followed her: "I did this move at the age of 6. I say," I bet you did it ,.

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