Dalal Abdel Aziz tells his love story to Samir Ghanem: All the actors bet on me that I am not


Artist Dalal Abdel Aziz wrote his love story for his husband Samir Ghanem to the star Amir Karara through his "Sahranin" program, broadcast on the channel "on and".

"All senior actors like Mahmoud Morsi, Mahmoud El Meligy, director Yehya El-Elami, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, talented artist George Sidhoum, Karim Mokhtar and Mirfat Amin were betting that Samir Ghanem was not allowed," she said.

She added that Samir was giving her gifts before the wedding, and the first time she had a life in the play "Hello Doctor" on her opening day in 1980. She added that her first gift from her husband Samir before the wedding was " 133 ".

Samir Ghanem said the late artist Farid Shawi told him: "Yabni you do not want to take care of him, and I received and received him, O King of my son in my case, and Shouki replied sweet girl Zhi cream." Vkltlh salvation when you think which is entitled. "


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