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Calorie Conspiracy .. For decades you are making the wrong diet

For decades, people have relied on caloric intake for the foods they eat, to fight obesity, and to know about the less obese foods, but it's time to get rid of that deceptive pattern. The Economist magazine found that "calorie intake" as a measure of overweight foods "is wrong and an incorrect concept has circulated over the years."

First, in 1843, the creator of the concept of "calorie" or thermal price, Wilbur Atwater, decided to provide a unit to measure the degree of food supply to the body.

In fact, the Atwater standard has been adopted around the world, with no one aware of the many scientific mistakes the world has made, such as not observing the burning of objects at various levels due to factors such as genetics and genes and other variables such as the nature of bacteria in the gut.

Another misconception is the belief that fat causes more weight gain than sugar or other foods.

But, according to the magazine, Atwater's theory can not be fully blamed. In 1967, the sugar factories funded an important Harvard University study in which they discovered the risk of body fat compared to sugar.

Medical research shows that high blood sugar causes insulin to build up in fat cells, making sugars the fastest way to gain weight.

Despite all these facts, calories remain a universally applied standard, as are the many disadvantages associated with them, such as the difficulty of calculating them if foods, for example, include two types of food ingredients digested differently, as well as the time to eat, which affects the rate of "burning".

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