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Banks and wealthy people The "false heiress" awaits punishment

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Luxury vacations, chic clothing, and luxury hotel suites were simply the means of a "false heir," hoping to create a $ 40 million relaxation club in New York's best neighborhoods.

Anna Sorokin was able to raise money through those who sought to benefit him, even after being convicted of cheating banks, hotels and friends who thought she was an heiress of Europe.

The Sorocene "put itself in the best position to take money from the rich so that it could live a fantastic lifestyle. They were stolen from banks, hotels and friends, and tried to steal a hedge fund or an investment."

The 28-year-old faces charges of robbery and robbery after becoming a community star, claiming she is the heiress of a $ 67 million fortune and her name is Anna Delfie.

The girl, who has been on trial since 2017, is in hotels, banks and businesses, and has also used her friends to make large sums of money claiming her money is being transferred from Germany to the United States.

Sorokin took advantage of his appearance to deceive the others, keeping pace with the international fashion, installing private jets and landing in the most luxurious hotels.

The girl born in Russia, the daughter of a former truck driver from Germany, is in a New York jail where she must be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In a one-month trial that ended in New York this week, Sorokin's alleged $ 275,000 stealing was discovered to cover his extravagant spending.

The fake heiress has raised controversy in his expensive clothes before the court and the media, while his strange story will be a sequel to Netflix to broadcast entertainment on the Internet.

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