"Atsab" makes it easy … Revolutionary update on the unprecedented version of "Android"



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News reports have revealed that the popular instant messaging application "Watsab" has introduced a new update described as "unprecedented revolutionary", will be dedicated to the version of "Android."

WatSab's new technology update will be available in the beta version of the Android operating system and will adopt a completely new feature, the imaging technology.

The new Watsab update makes it easy to apply, even if you're watching videos in external applications.

The report explained that updating "Wattsab" and "picture in photo" allows you to watch YouTube, Facebook, "Entragram" or "Streamable" videos, and navigate your messages through the Watsab without any problem or obstacle.

A "sync" update also allows you to browse and switch between different chats without closing the video, which appears in a small popup that can be moved to the left, right, top or bottom as desired by the user.

Watsab is expected to support this feature in the permanent version of the Android application in the next period.


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