Andrei Ayou: African nations in Egypt will be the hardest in history


Andrey Ayo of Ghana and Fenerbahce of Turkey have confirmed that the next edition of the African Cup of Nations in Egypt in 2019 will be the most difficult tournament in history.

In a statement posted on the Ghana website, Ayo said that the tournament, with the participation of 24 teams, made the competition difficult, as the number of qualifying matches increased.

"The tournament will be the hardest, it will not be easy, when 16 teams are difficult, but now the number has increased and will be longer to reach the final," said the Ghana team.

"To win the title, you have to win seven games, which has not happened in the past, which makes it harder."

It is noteworthy that Egypt had the right to host the 2019 African Nations Cup, after being held in Cameroon before being withdrawn by a decision of the African Union.


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