Amro Ahli .. Rehabilitation of Amr Gamal .. Nedved in Germany .. And my visit to hold a meeting with the doctor


Martin Lasarte, the team's first coach, held a session with team doctor Khaled Mahmoud to check all qualifying programs for team players to determine the status of each player and set an initial date for his return to coaching. group and medical readiness.

The injured list includes Islam Maharib, Amr Jamal, Ramdan Sobhi and Salah Mohsen.

Amr Gamal, the striker, is undergoing a rehabilitation program to recover from a frontal muscle injury.

The player recently had radiation to check the injury in the front muscle, where the development of a special rehabilitation program for the player in order to prepare for the next phase.

In a related context, the pair Karim Walid "Nedved", and Mohamed Mahmoud Ahli players to Germany, where the first knee cartilage surgery.

Nedved was injured during his participation in the game for Egypt to clean the league, and proved that knee cartilage rupture while Mahmoud is in Germany to follow his recovery program to recover from an injury after cruciate ligament surgery .

On the other hand, the team returned to training Sunday night at the island's T-Stadium in preparation for the Egyptian game scheduled for Thursday in the postponed round between the two teams of the nineteenth week of the Premier League.

Al Ahly lost their last game against the pyramids with a 1-0 win, falling to third on the table with 58 points, two ahead of Zamalek and Pyramides, both in first and second respectively.

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