Wednesday , April 21 2021

Amr Murtada Mansour announces new offers from Zamalek

Amr Murtada Mansour announces new offers from Zamalek

Prince Morteza Mansour

Zamalek coach Amir Morteza said the team's negotiations in the winter transfer market would be minimal, noting that coach Christian Gross has not asked for any player to leave.

"I spoke with Gros about the conditions of the team in the next period and I guarantee that I do not intend to be without any players," added the supervisor of the soccer team Zamalek.

"Gross did not specify the January deals, but the deals will be minimal if we are to consolidate a position or compensation for an injured player."

"There is no intention of giving up the trio in the next period," said Hamed Ahmad, Mustafa Fathi and Hamdi Al-Nakaz. "Gross has demanded that no player be left in the next period, and the management policy is clear that no player will leave."

"Morsi talked to the president of the club and the latter assured him the difficulty of his return in the next period, especially that the question of his return in the hands of the manager," he said.

"Bassam's return will technically be difficult, especially as the team has three strikers, but the club president has promised the player to continue lending him with an adequate payout."

"Of course he will have a place on the team next season and this is also true for Shikabala," he said.

Before the start of the season, I sat down with Kahraba, Mustapha Fathi and Tarek Hamed to change the contracts, but Khebra demanded that this be postponed, "said Amir Mourtada." It was not true that I sat down with Kahraba.

He concluded: "Electra was thinking that his contract would end after the season, but we were confident that his contract would last for four years, but if we decide to change his contract, we will adjust his contract according to the possibilities of the club.

It is noteworthy that the Zamalek club announced the night of the electrification contract until June 2022.

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