Monday , April 19 2021

American singer Jason Dirloh hails his first shows in Egypt with the participation of Tamer Hosni

American singer Jason Dirlo

American singer Jason Dierlo

American singer Jason Dirolo will perform his first concert in Egypt with the participation of Tamer Hosni at the British University on November 23.

Tamer Hosni will host another concert on Friday, November 16 at the Cairo Festival.

One of the world's most famous pop singers, Dirolo, 27, began his career writing songs that were a hit for artists like Beatpole, Didi, Lil Wayne and Dante Kane.

Jason won several Tin Choices, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the MOP Auditions and five awards at BMI Pop Auditions, including the award for Best Songwriter in 2011..

Jason also played Tamer Hosni with the song "Claris" at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and saw more than 4 billion views on YouTube.

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