Amazonas .. And the Saudi street division after Khashoggi's death!


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Saudi e-fliers sabotage electronic discussions that often criticize the Al-Saud social networking system by increasing the level of personal attacks with vulgar language and stigmatized characters through digital robots made by skilled programmers. They appear to be real people who support the visions of the high Critics of a particular event or government decision, for example, is engulfed by a plethora of endorsements.

The demands of the "Amazonian province" have turned into a new battlefield, through the social networking site "Twitter", between supporters and opponents, against the background of the positions of the Amazon-owned Washington Post against Saudi Arabia.

Where the Saudis launched a campaign to boycott the "Amazon" through the province of "Amazon", which came second in the list of most popular topics on the famous Twitter site with 11 thousand tweets.

On the one hand, the reason for Saudi Arabia's claim to Amazon is that Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, owns the Washington Post, one of the most prominent means of attacking Saudi Arabia after the announcement of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

On the other hand, Amazon claims coincide with founder Jeff Bezos' declining fortune in the past two days as Amazon fell, and Bezos lost nearly $ 19.2 billion in the last two sessions, according to the Bloomberg billionaire index. Amid a wave of stock trading in global markets due to concerns over the global economic growth and trade tensions!

Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, and, is the richest man in the world and, with the development of his investments, managed to overcome Bill Gates and others, being elected the most influential figure in the world. Saudi Arabia, and has several investments in it !!!

While some supporters of the Amazon province believe that the Washington Post exploited the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and his attempt to incite international public opinion against Saudi Arabia, many boycott opponents shouted slogans declaring that the boycott of Amazon was unrealistic. They are sad !! "

"The province of the Amazon, beautiful but never bankrupt province, a global company, all the countries in the world buy from them, a customer boycotted, means a simple loss, and the information" markets "some of its products cheaper than the normal market . "He said.

"Because I am boycotting Amazon and that gives me a good price, forcing others to lower the prices of Kingdom citizens, we are benefiting from it, and if we cut them, we give other stores a chance to raise prices," he said.

Media advisor and speaker Ali bin Dukan said, "My dear ones who demand the boycott, I will not question your motives. They are noble, but have dealt directly with the Washington Post and searched all the past observations on false news, and publish on an external level and begin to question its credibility. From here, the industry begins to influence, not the province of the Amazon. "

For his part, the owner of the account mms: "No to the auctions about the love of the motherland, but the boycott of the benefit of the motherland and the citizen nothing, it is true that owns the Washington Post and owns shares in Twitter and owns many companies, Khashoggi was a writer in the newspaper, And they are friends of some of the Khashoggi, and how many channels and newspapers attack us and we do not care about anything. "


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