Ali Rabie divorced his wife a week before his birthday


The Iranian Ali Rabie announced that Friday (April 19), through her official reports in social media, separated from her husband after a long marriage that did not last long, the irony is that Nada's birthday falls on 25 April. About a week before this occasion.

At first, Nada Mahmoud published a pamphlet on her Facebook, saying: "Your mother then your mother and then your mother, and if she says that you divorced her house, she and her daughter are confused, heart of your mother, thank you and I and his daughter his adversaries on the Day of Resurrection.

Nothing Mahmud repeated this publication through Instagram, and wrote another comment in which she opened fire on Rabie, saying: "I am an adversary, anyone who oppresses me and my daughter, or has a negative impact on my life and mine vices, and when God meets adversaries, you have authorized my God, you are the best agent.

Ali Rabie married Nada Mahmoud in late 2017 in a marriage ceremony marked by privacy away from press and media lenses. The couple received their first baby, Malika, several months ago.


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