Al-Wadi Al-Jadid's new educational agent praises the Coptic initiative to increase the efficiency of the chapel in Al-Kharja


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Tadawi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in the New Valley, praised the initiative of a Christian teacher at Al-Marwa Preparatory School in Kharga to increase efficiency and replace the sergeant who was suffering from neglect and lack of cleanliness. Christian teacher decided to start an initiative for students to start the cleaning work, Self Help

Al-Tadawi said that the teacher, Paul Lemi Boutros, was the first teacher of social studies at the Al-Marwa Preparatory School, an honorable model of national unity and fraternity of Muslims and Christians "one hand." He launched an initiative to maintain and beautify the school's mosque.

He added that this model reflects the cohesion of national fabric and national unity in the province of New Valley and all of Egypt from corruption and love and tolerance between Muslims and Copts in order to preserve the security and security of the motherland and prevent all attempts cohesion.

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