After shooting for the first time .. Think Eh is inside the black hole?


Do you know what black holes have spread lately? They are alien beings in the universe whose name derives from the fact that there is nothing that can escape their attractiveness, not even the light, and here we talk about what is inside.

According to the British daily Daily Mail, if a body passes very close and through the so-called black hole horizon, the point where light can not escape will be destructive to the whole body..

Tidal forces close to the event horizon are enough to extend any object to be just a series of atoms, in a process called physicists. "spaghetti".

But for large black holes, such as supermolecular objects in the heart of galaxies, such as the Milky Way, which weighs tens of millions, if not billions of times, of a star, the intersection of the event horizon has not been detected. Einstein's general relativity equations for predicting the world inside a black hole.

These equations work well until the body reaches the center or individuality, where space-time in calculations becomes theoretically unlimited, which no one has imagined, has not been verified, but may soon arrive with black holes.


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