A scandal strikes a famous restaurant. A needle in a sandwich penetrates a client's tongue.


A Taiwanese man named Shi Kaixiang claimed to have suffered a serious injury from a twisted needle found in a McDonald's Angus Burger sandwich.

Kaixiang published a photo of the crooked finger on the sandwich on mass media sites, and said the needle pierced the tongue while eating a meal at home in Xiaayi, southwest Taiwan.

Fast food restaurant workers said the needle had fallen out of the restaurant's cleaning equipment, he said, adding that he had bought his meal at McDonald's restaurant on Bijang Road after he finished work on Monday night .

He said, prick something on my tongue and I realized it was a needle … Then my tongue began to bleed.

According to media sources, the restaurant manager accompanied the man to the hospital for tests and a tetanus shot, and then returned the entire meal value with a commitment to a comprehensive review of sandwich production to avoid similar incidents.


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