A Saudi conquest to tackle cancer through a slide on nanotechnology


Saudi Arabia, a leader in the fight against cancer, has published a Saudi conquest to fight cancer through a slice of nanotechnology, a Saudi conquest to treat cancer through a slice of nanotechnology. you our visitors News News today through our Charter and start with the most important news, a Saudi conquest to meet cancer Through a chip with nanotechnology.

Dr. Hani Chowdhury, inventor and recipient of the Excellence Award from the American Society for Cancer Research, revealed that he and a team from King Abdulaziz University have developed a small nanotech chip that can determine whether the patient can respond to chemotherapy from scratch or do not. This test is shortened from 3 days to 10 minutes.

He added that in an interview with the "Ya Hala" program on the Rotana Gulf channel, the segment was developed in cooperation with a British scientist, a safe treatment for cancer patients, explaining that about 70% of cancer patients do not benefit of chemotherapy due to its side effects.

He said that the slide only needs a drop of blood instead of a blood tube, to read the analysis and detection of response according to some enzymes of the body.

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Source: Citizen newspaper


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