A new drink to lose weight permanently and without severe diets


Weight gain and obesity are common health problems caused by the increase in the amount and quantity of fat cells in the body, diagnosed by BMI and waist circumference.

It should be noted that obesity is a serious health condition that can cause many health complications such as: metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, plus atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and sleep disorders.

The Indian site 'Bold Sky' you can less expensive to burn fat and get rid of excess weight and get a stubborn fat-free body built up in different areas of your body without extreme diet and exercise through 'drink fast. "

First Ingredients .

Three glasses of water
One teaspoon of each fresh ginger
Spoon of fennel seeds
A pinch of cinnamon

Second How to apply the drink .

Prepare the mixture in a pan and put on the fire and put all the ingredients, then remove the mixture from the fire and let it cool then, then set the mixture and save it to drink Cuba after every meal without adding sugar to it.


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