A man lost his head. He killed his wife to death because of the syringe. And his daughters expounded his command


Ghada dreamed of a girl marrying someone she loved and loved and became a mother to her family she loved.

Many people offered their sermon, their family chose her as a suitable worker, worker from their village in Bilqas, who married him and gave birth to three daughters. Life was normal until he began to beat her because of the reason for her work and he irritated and beat him with his friends. He violently attacks her and hits her.

Years passed and her daughters grew up and began beating her in front of them. She did not accept and asked for a divorce from him and she spoke to her brothers and said to her: "Girls are sentenced to absolute mother, we are peasants of Menafesh. "

She returned home to her daughters and remained in this case for 15 years and he does not change but becomes more fierce and violent and one of these times he grabs her head and continues to fall on the wall and blood pours profusely causing her to hurt 19 points and hence his insistence on divorce But the crying of his daughters will bring her back.

On the day of the incident, the pain increased and she complained of severe pain in the abdomen and back. She wanted to take an injection of relief from the pain and as soon as he saw the injection, insulted her with insult and slander, repeating, "All adultery it is death and death. "He broke the syringe and handed it over. With her hands and knees until she was unconscious and her neighbor took her to the hospital and called her brother, but he understood nothing and accused her husband, who denied that his daughters confessed everything.

Maj. Gen. Mohamed Hajji, security director in Dakahlia, received a notification from Major General Mohammad Sharbash, director of criminal investigation, stating that a reference was made to Brigadier Haitham Hajji, director of the Belqas center of Bilqas Hospital, with the arrival of the Ghada housewife, 35 years old. She was beaten, but she gave her last breath.

The police moved to the location and asked her brother, Abdul Muttalib, 33, who accused her husband, Muhammad Aa, 43, of spanking and causing injuries, leading to his death.

Act No. 8836 of 2019 alters the offenses of the Bilqas police station and informs the prosecution of the investigation.


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