A capsule the size of a pill can end the suffering of gastroscopy!



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Researchers have developed a robot-sized capsule that can be swallowed and guided through the body using a magnet, hoping to end the painful endoscopy.

Endoscopes – thin, long and flexible tubes with light and a camera – are used to transfer images from inside the body to the external monitor. And it helps remove adenoma tumors and the discovery of diseases and cancers, which affect the upper digestive system.

This procedure is often uncomfortable because the tool is inserted through the throat or anus and connected to an external cable.

But the new innovation called Sonopill, is routed wirelessly through the colon using an external magnet and artificial intelligence.

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A successful scientific experiment could revolutionize the eyewitness world!

To achieve this, the patient first swallows a capsule carrying live images of the inside of the stomach and digestive system. The capsule comes in the size of a large medicine pill, where it leaves the body naturally with the stool.

The team of scientists from England, Scotland, the United States and Canada was able to test the instrument on live animals. But they said more discipline was needed to improve the system.

"Digestive diseases are numerous and serious, and are associated with approximately 8 million deaths a year around the world due to cancers and inflammatory bowel diseases," said the study's authors.

"We have achieved and demonstrated the possibility of magnetic control in a closed loop, using accurate ultrasound feedback, which is critical for obtaining strong images in an unfamiliar and unrestricted environment," they said.

The study was published in the journal Science Robotics.

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