A billionaire, but he takes public transportation and breaks with $ 3



Saturday, April 20, 2019

Books – Moataz Hassan:

Many people may think that all the wealthy are rich in a life of leisure, availing every means to enjoy life. Money is not an obstacle for them but it does not seem to be a link to the abundance of money with a good life.

That's what one of the richest people in the world, billionaire Warren Buffett, 87, a $ 86 billion owner of wealth, who lives a life of austerity even after billions of dollars, is very careful to spend. On your limited budget for the breakfast meal – as posted by "Cnbc".

He tells his wife every morning when he shaves his chin that he puts only a little money on his desk and is between $ 2.61 and $ 3.17 just, which is his daily routine, which he notes to not spending much of his point of view, according to the new documentary. Issued by HBO under the title "How Did Warren Buffett Become?".

He goes every morning on his journey to work in a way that does not take more than 5 minutes, preferring to stop at a diner to buy breakfast that is limited to a type of sausage pie with eggs, cheese or bacon. " Eggs and cheese chips).

The modest billionaire also favors the independence of public transport, which gives him plenty of time to read, and spends 80% of reading books, he said on a television program.

As for the reactions of the "Social Media" pioneers, there was a difference between those who praised their lifestyle and their ability to save money and felt that it was cause for concern, and were astonished at their life, as one commentator sees as absurd . "If I were there, I would spend all my money to enjoy the pleasures of life."


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