5 categories and 21 standards. Offer reveals new support plan


09:06 AM

Friday, April 19, 2019

I wrote – Aida Radwan:

Dr Amr Madkour, an adviser to the Minister of Technology and Information Systems Supply, said the third phase of the criteria for the elimination of non-beneficiaries, announced on April 2, is the last step, announcing that there will be no fourth step.

Madkour said in a statement to Masrawi that after the end of the third phase, a new era of exclusions will be announced in the continuation of the purification process, adding that it includes 21 criteria, and the beneficiaries of the grant are divided into 5 different categories. Class A will cost 200 pounds, for example, the category will be 150 pounds and so on. "

The advisor to the Minister of Supply, according to the study, which is currently working for a number of university professors specializing in economics and society, will be granted to citizens eligible for support in a gradual support: "People are not rooting for some people ".

On the date of implementation of the new plan for the distribution of in-kind support, Dr. Amr Madkour said that the minister is closely following this study, noting that a date for implementation has not yet been set. He pointed out that it will be announced after ratification by the Minister of Supply and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr Ali al-Muselhi, announced the start of the third phase of the cancellation of ineligible beneficiaries of support on 2 April, which included seven criteria, which provided for the deletion of each of the following: school expenses are estimated at £ 30,000 or more, Average school expenses of over £ 20,000, owners of farms estimated at 10 acres and more, and paid taxes of £ 100,000 and more, owners of capital companies £ 10m and more, in addition to owners of more than one car model 2011 and above, and that owns a car 2015 and above. "

While the possibility of appeal to those who meet one of the criteria, through the website of the Ministry of support to Egypt


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