Zoot e-shop issues also worried youtubs who promoted it


YouTube users and influencers who have promoted Zoot are waiting for commissions from last year. According to the insolvency record, this is almost half a million crowns. "YouTube users are set aside and I think lenders are on the side if Zoot owes them something, so they have to accept that they may never see the money again," said economist Lukas Kovanda.

In two weeks, Zoot will end the protection period before lenders who owe him 472 million kronor. Only in May will it be proven if the creditors will keep the company and reorganize, or if the store ends in bankruptcy.

Bonds with more than 30 days can not be paid within the term of protection before the lender. Lenders with overdue bills have no choice but to wait.

YouTubeers and influencers are represented by an agency that forwards them from Zoot. "If we paid the partners, we could break the law in favor of one creditor over another," said Vladnet Hejnic, head of the Vivnetworks branches.

Youtubeers did not answer the questions on TV Nova. Zoot is now negotiating primarily with Natland's largest lender for reorganization. "At this point, we will wait until the end of the moratorium. This will be in early May," Zoot's spokesman Tomáš Holý said.

For e-shops, promotion, for example, of youtubers is one of the strongest tools for influencing potential customers. "They are certainly important economically because many customers have come to Zoot," added Kovanda. The Zoot eshop continues to function as it is being seen.


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