Zoot e-shop has problems! He owes nearly half a billion crowns


CZK 472 million, this is the debt of the largest Czech clothing store. In bankruptcy, Zoot was seen earlier this year because of insolvency. So far e-shop works as it will be clear it is not.

"At the moment, there are two possible scenarios, essentially reorganization, with which most creditors have to agree, and then go bankrupt, leaving the business," says economist Lukas Kovanda.

"As far as the future is concerned, you know the company is on a moratorium. However, as we are currently under scrutiny from the authorities, we do not want to provide interviews at the moment," Tomáš Holy told Zoot.

Natland is now playing a crucial role in the game for Zoot's future. It bought receivables for almost 200 million Czech crowns. Natland, who was also associated with lobbyists Roman Janousek and Tomas Hrdlicka or controversial entrepreneur Petr Sisak in the past, has put his crisis managers and experts on the current administration of Zoot. He is also financially involved in operations.

"If recovery measures can be taken, the company that performs them can sell the company with large returns," Kovanda said.

In a repeated request from TV Nova to comment on the connection with Zoot Natland did not respond. Hundreds of small creditors who are likely to be delayed may be nervous. None of the variations in the game ensures that all claims will be met.

So it is not guaranteed that they will see your money again. 150 of the 500 employees were dismissed. Marketing costs reduce the e-shop to one-third. Debt Zoot has been in the market for 10 years. Last year, its economic situation deteriorated dramatically.


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