You can make a drunken fan, said the Vémol coach. Then he ended the chase and ran over the French Prince


"Unsportsmanlike behavior of the fans can be maintained, but the opponent's coach, I do not like that." Before the game, he pushed the camera with a flash on my face and shouted – you lose. a drunken fan, but not a sober coach, "said Vémola.

It is estimated that six thousand fans came to the Home Credit Arena in Liberec, which saw thirteen matches on the main card. One of the expected duels was the Battle of Vémola Vs. Aounallah This match should have happened before, but this did not happen because of an injury in the Czech wrestler. The promised day ended on April 6.

"I'll deliver what I promised. He will be T.K.O. "he said several times to the Vémola world before this game." No one is going to beat the Czech boys here, "he also told the Frenchman after two victories over Czech fighter Vémola.Either neither Eldar Rafigaev nor Martin Solc were in the prince.After the third consecutive set the score.After the battle he was the winner The French hunt is over.

The classic success of Vemol again

A cautious start, but then Vemol's classic knocked over and dozens of elbows in the face ended in the opponent's head, even if he only defended himself in the first five minutes.

Karlos Terminator Vémola.

MMA Octagon

The second round had the same start of leadership as a copier. The Czech wrestler threw and took the expedition on the ground and pound. The Frenchman tried to get up several times, but always ended his back like an eraser. After the second round, they continued, but both had to cut the cutman.

At the beginning of the last act, Aounallah wanted to speak to Vémola, but he refused to go and play his game. He threw, nudged, and slammed. And so on until the end of the last second.

Many people said that Prince was going to destroy me, but I do not think I got a single shot.Everything was planned.At the beginning of the third round, he wanted to hug, shake hands, but he does not belong here Before the game, you deceive me, I'll show you respect after the match, but not during the match, he wanted to disturb me – brother and these conversations. No, you are my enemy when the fight is over, then we will be friends – said Vémola .

Fans of seventeen games on the night gala in Liberec. Viktor Pešta, who won the WASO World Championship with Croatian Ivan Vatasovič, also appeared in the octagon. David Dvořák and Makhmud Muradov also entered the cage. Both came out as winners.


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