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When Apple came up with an iPhone, cell phone makers laughed that some computer makers wanted to talk to them about how cell phones should look. Now the card is spinning. Huawei – number two in the world – began producing their own laptops. And that shows what common-computer manufacturers have long overlooked.

Firstly, Huawei has been manufacturing these notebooks for several years and is now entering our market. And the most equipped MateBook X Prowhich is now starting to sell, in fact, this year is not presented model, but its one-year version. The fact that even a year old MateBook X Pro is not such a big problem has two important reasons. The MateBook X Pro was seriously designed to withstand the teeth of time while its updated version is not much better at this point, so small changes do not make you regret investing in the model now available last year.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

Core i7-8550U ● GeForce MX150, 2 GB ● 16 GB DDR3 ● 13.9 ", 3000 × 2000, IPS, Bright, Touch ● 512 GB NVMe ● 2 × USB-C (1 × Thunderbolt 3), USB, audio, USB-C adapter for VGA, HDMI, USB, USB-C ● 802.11ac, BT 4.1 ● 58.8 Wh ● 1.33 kg ● 30.4 x 21 7 × 1.5 cm

43 990 CZK
model NTB-MXPRO16S

Designed and named Huwaei does not hide the inspiration of the Macbook Pro. All-aluminum chassis, great screen and even slots on the bottom cover are connected to the MacBook Pro. But MateBook X Pro is not just an embarrassing copy and can convince you.

Fine frames pushed away the camera

In the current range of notebooks, MateBook X Pro stands out from its screen. The 3.9-inch 13.9-inch screen and the 3000 × 2000 resolution have top-of-the-line calibration, touch screen and fine frames. If something in the notebook deserves the title Pro in the title, it is definitely a display. Only the Microsoft Surface Laptop and the Acer Chromebook 13 offer a similar notebook format, and Huawei is selling it in three models.

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Silver aluminum and black keyboard always look great, but usually the aspect ratio and logo on the cover are particularly unusual

Fine frames and a screen that reaches the bottom junction simultaneously present problems with the location of the front camera. Huawei came up with a bold solution where he hid the camera on the keyboard key. When pressed, the camera will appear and take it from below. It looks impressive, you can entertain the company at parties, but in fact the camera from the bottom up will never be suitable for frequent videoconferencing. At least you're sure someone is not watching you. The clicked camera can not see anything and at the same time you can press the next key to mute the microphone.

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The camera is hidden in the key, but the layout looks normal. You can find Home, End, PgUp and PgDn via Fn on the directional arrows

No face-to-face registration due to lack of camera on laptop. Only one fingerprint reader on the main switch on the right, above the keyboard, is responsible for the easy connection. At first, you'll be a little groping when the buttons just touch and when you press and hold your finger, but get used to it.

Keyboard as the surface laptop

I praise the keyboard for a clear and clear pressure and no strange keystrokes. Like the Surface Laptop, it hides the diodes in the CapsLock and Fn keys, so you can quickly switch the style of the function key without having to adjust the settings. At first glance, the lost keys Home, End, PgUp and PgDn will surprise you, but in fact they are on the directional arrows with the Fn key and only the appropriate tags are missing.

An extraordinarily large touchpad is difficult to press in the upper room, fortunately the compression is not much needed today. Because of the size, palm suppression is more important, so even if you have a hand leaning on the keyboard and touchpad, you can still control your finger with the cursor or make gestures for more fingers.

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You can load with both USB-C connectors, you can use the Thunderbolt 3. Side suction holes are difficult to connect. I like the sticker to make it easy to remove obligatory tags

Thunderbolt 3 and grouped reduction aid

Fine laptops are pulling out of many connectors today, but X Pro is trying to save it. On the left side there are two USB-Cs, one of them Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 on the right side. But in the notebook case you get a USB-C adapter for USB, VGA, HDMI and USB-C and the USB-C also charges the 45W adapter with a removable 2m USB-C / USB-C cable.

You can charge through any USB-C as well as the included adapter that works on both USB-C. However, uploading is one of the few things I have in my MateBook X for conflicting feelings. The battery heats up considerably and the cooling fan operates even when the charge is low. Likewise, it may take several hours to fully charge your laptop.

Charging your computer is fast. After an hour you have 75%, after another hour and a half you are charged 100%. Fortunately, you will not have to charge as often. The notebook can play movies for more than 11 hours, with about six hours for normal screen brightness.

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In addition to the USB-C charger, you'll also find a reduction in the standard connectors. The side slot resembles the MacBook Pro
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You enter, but it does not change much. The board is powered on board and the SSD is hidden under the processor and graphic cooler. Bass speakers play sideways, right in front of the keyboard

Most recent not fundamentally better

Fortunately, the graphics card used – GeForce MX150. I definitely would not designate it as a game, but at least it helps to control the screen with a higher resolution. This year's model drives the MX250, but in reality there's no big difference in performance between them. The new MX250 only promises less power.

Our notebook includes a Core i7-8550U processor with 16 GB of memory, this year's enhanced model includes the Core i7-8565U. So the performance of the new and last generation will be basically the same, only the graphics card promises less power consumption and a modified frequency processor for bug fixes TurboBoost and Meltdown and Specter.

We measure

Huawei Matebook X Pro Lenovo Yoga C930 Asus Zenbook 14
processor Core i7-8550U Core i5-8250U Core i7-8565U
graphics GeForce MX150 UHD 620 Graphics GeForce MX150
memory 16 GB 8GB 16 GB
Ice storm 30 405 79 789 58 873
Gate of the Clouds 9 449 9 132 10 288
Sky Diver 7,928 4 672 8 266
Fire attack 2 454 1 114 2 572
Spy Time 910 432 930
PCMark 10
Total 3 776 3 666 3 823
Essentials 8 001 8 372 7 609
Productivity 6,560 5 547 6 097
Creation 2 784 2,880 3 268
Unigine Extreme
Sky [FPS] 15.8 6.7 16.0
Worth HD [FPS] 13.4 4.9 14.6
Crystal Disc Mark
SEQ. reading [MB/s] 3 501.4 2,617.6 3,424.8
SEQ. notation [MB/s] 1 907.5 826.7 2 366.5
Reading from 4KB [MB/s] 1 003.4 501.3 733.4
4KB rating [MB/s] 1 263.7 301.4 248.5
Movie 11:23 12:21 9:57
Office without Wi-Fi 13:17 14:19 11:53

Deserved by name

In terms of performance and equipment, there is more emphasis on professional work than on the move. Performance can be used primarily for editing photos and videos or for easier 3D modeling. This is aided by a clear, well calibrated and high resolution screen. However, the higher the load, and especially after the power supply is connected, the greater the cooling noise. In this case, you will only hear the notebook while browsing the internet.

The Huawei Matebook X Pro is coming to our market with a delay of one year but can still attract attention in today's competition. It is characterized by its compact body, excellent display, reasonable performance and good scalability. The keyboard on the keyboard is more than beneficial, but at least the laptop can capture it in a different way. You just came because of a strange camera, but you get because of a laptop compatible with a large screen.


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