Xindl X takes a clip to Alice in the world of solitude –


Xindl X collaborated with the director Ondřej Pfeiffer. According to the text, there are people in the video that fill the void by browsing social networks. "Alice is my favorite song on the album and I like it too. On the last tour I played acoustically with a piano without a microphone," says Xindl X, a melancholic song.

The theme of social networks is treated similarly to the single Wood, which recently topped the Czech radio charts. But he looks at it from a slightly different point of view. "While Wood is the funniest song on the album, Alice is the saddest. It's a song of solitude in a virtual world where everyone is within reach, but where no one is real," says the composer.

This is the fifth single from last year's Sexy Exity album. Fans could listen to songs from Eternally Unfaithful radio stations with Sabina Křováková, Byznys, Dřevo and ZZZ, who supported the Světluška Foundation. The stage of the current album closes, according to Xindl X. He is currently working on new material.

"I have eight new written songs, of which I would like to make three of the best films of the spring and make clips," she promises.


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