World Cup 2019 | esko – Canada 1: 5. The progress for the finle was very


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No, this will not be a coincidence: when in recent years the sturdy brakes have occurred in recent years, the piglet will end. This happened with the ampion 2014 in Minsk and a year later in Prague. And yet, this equation works this year in Bratislava.

Ice hockey players were extremely productive in the tournament, giving them the highest average score of 5.57 per turn – early in the group. Even the Nmcm on the hardcover had pt. But they failed in Canada. The goal was scored, but in the match 0: 5.

start fighting for gold will be at least ten years.

It was a water gl, which made one of the biggest Canadian stars on the amplifier Mark Stone in the 6th minute. tonk Las Vegas showed how it was when, after Stecher's cricket from the right, he placed the epic of the baton so that the disc beat softly on the white. In doing so, Bartok slid into the corner.

The darkness of the eskmu was not turned up; First, the bag did not threaten Gleman Murray once.

Mark the hockey players for the 2019 World Cup against Canada

Pesto was the result of 0: 1 after the first twenty minutes of play. The excited vehicle and the determined bag picked up the second time in ten seconds. Simon lost the bulls, followed by Couturier, while Bartok left, but could not move to the opposite. There was a thunderbolt behind Nurse's cage.

And at 25:06, Tet der Dubois, his uplifting bar, was precisely punched by Marchessault. Bartok could not stumble and then stopped: a Frenchman put him on the field.

ONLINE: Russia – Czech, back to the bronze from 15:45

The long time he was holding an account, but he finally surrendered. At 47 minutes, Hronek dropped five tons of flight, followed by a quick break, at the end of which Turris was familiar with Tyi. If by the time a fan was expecting at least one fixed point, after that moment you were determined.

echoes deptal vten Murray, who not only stabbed all the shells but also the welds. There were several. Only in this situation could they hide Faksa, a twin Palt and a Zmorsk in this situation. Shortly before the end, sti imprisoned even the perils of Tome Zohorny, Epka and Kole following the mole.

World Ice Hockey Championship in 2019

Program and results

He pushed himself, and at 53:59 Tom Zohorn, he just ripped the disk off his armor, and svj nik ended on Murray's lapak. But this success did nothing.

Canada was simple and unintelligible, concentrated and calm. That was decisive. And she did not convince much of the championship, she would be again for gold. If on Sunday, from 20.15, he will win against Finland, it will be the 27th title, and at the historical tables he will be equal to Russia, or to the Soviet Union.

Ek ek bronze duel on Sunday from 15:45, Russia will be stt first. You can watch online.

Hangout with Canada:

MS 2019

May 25, 2019 19:15

once in a while he was in normal time


– Nurse, Severson – Chabot, Stecher – Fabbro, Theodore – Myers – Jost – Dubois, Marchessault, Stone – Cirelli, Couturier, Reinhart – Mantha, McCann, Turris –

(36. Bartok)
– Hronek, Musil – Moravk, Rutta – Gudas, Kol II. – Zohorna H. – Frolk, Simon, Vorek – Faksa, Jakin, Palt – Gula, Metal, Kubalk – epk, Vrna, Zohorna T.

Decide: Mikko Kaukokari, Jeremy Tufts
– Gleb Lazarev, Hannu Sormunen.

Excluded: 6: 3
Vyuit: 0 to 0
Weakened: 0 to 0
Zsahy brank: 40:25.
Poet divk: 9085

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