World Cup 2019 | Elimination We do not believe it, Palat was surprised with Tampa. Now he wants the Czechs of Boston


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Palah, 28, has played in the Sochi and World Cup games.

He arrived in Europe from Florida on Tuesday and took his family to Zlín, where he spent the night. And from Wednesday he will play with his hockey team in his main championship in Brno. "The medal would be great," said Tampa's longtime striker.

He joined the national team after the overseas season in which he docked the moon with his ankle and where his daughter Adelka was born.

He played alongside Jagr and Crosby. I like the pressure, Simon said.

The woman did not protest that you still want to play in the World Cup?
No, it's not. She has a lot of problems with her daughter, but we also took advantage a week after being eliminated in Tampa, so now we return to the Czech climate … (smile)

Did you know immediately what you want to represent?
The day after he left, Mr. Říha and his assistant Reichel called me and told me that I would like to represent myself.

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Did you see the names of teammates? The Czechs have ten NHL reinforcements.
Certainly, the strength of the team will be, but others have great lists. We are all looking forward to the atmosphere in Slovakia and hope it is excellent.

Do you already know the idea of ​​coaching about your use?
On Monday I was in Tampa on ice, last week I skated with the guys from the team to play for America or Canada. I have not talked much with Mr. yetíha yet, so there were no conversations.

Are you taking the championship as a patch after the season that ended pretty early with Tampa?
I'm definitely glad I had a chance around the corner and maybe I make my mood. The season was great, the basic part was super, but we did not play the game.

How did you bite the first round of play with Columbus?
It's still absorbing, but I must say Columbus played very well. Maybe the damage from the first game, when we were 3-0 in the second period, then we made some mistakes and they scored a goal. A blanket fell on us and Columbus tossed what he needed.

Do you want your conqueror to win the Stanley Cup?
I do not know. They deserved to win against us. I wish they would. But they play against Boston, where I want the new (Pastrňák) and tailor (Tailor).

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It has been discovered that in the playoffs the teams that are disconnected in the season will be successfulthey dealt with crises?
We did not have any during the season, she entered the playoffs and we did not leave her. They played very well against us, they also have a great team. It did not serve us again, but otherwise the season was great. Unfortunately, it is a sport, nothing can be done.

How did you like the basic part that Tampa dominated?
It was fun going to the stadium, we did well. We played well and won. The weather was great, just the end of it.

In addition to you and your team-mates abroad, the most productive NHL champion, Nikita Kučerov, will be playing in the championship and in the Brno tournament. Are you in contact with him?
I have to write to him if we meet or at least say hello. It's great that a star like him or Ovechkin arrives.

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