Wine and goose. St. Vincent's Day is being prepared by oenologists and restaurateurs – ČT24 – Czech Television


The first wines of São Vicente go to the wine shops. Being over them, retailers can sell, not yet. "We have six types of St. Martin wine this year, we will make 18,000 bottles," said Martin Zborovský, oenologist of Velké Pavlovice.

Even though wine connoisseurs can only taste the wine on Sundays, almost all the wine of São Vicente has already been sold. She went to the wine shops where she still serves as advertising. It is estimated last year that wine producers filled more than two million and 200,000 bottles in total.

While people have to wait for wine, they have been driving for geese for several weeks. "Basically, we've been fighting for three weeks, not just St. Martin, but St. Martin's orders are the most important," said husband Petr Marcincak. "This year we had 300, most of them already designated," he added.

A large portion of the losers goes to restaurants, the St. Martin menu is stretching. "We have on average 20 bookings a day. It will be the busiest thing on Sunday," Ondřej Vinkler's One Poem operating restaurant explained. Portions served are about 80, but they expect to spend about 150.

While the Saint Martin menu was the prerogative of November 11, it has now been a week for restaurants. "We have responded to demand and in recent years has not been enough," Vinkler said. Paradoxically, on November 11, when the St. Martin wines are opened, many restaurants with the St. Martin menu will end.


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