Where do you prefer not to refuel? 50 bombs that received the biggest fines – AutoTN.cz


The list of 50 gas stations includes bombs that CTIA has fined for poor fuel between mid-2016 and last year.

The fines of the pump receive low flash point of the fuel, low content of fatty acids methyl esters, high sulfur LPG, low vapor pressure, low octane, or high sulfur content in diesel.

Kverulant.org regularly publishes fines decisions since 2011, in which CTIA declined to provide specific details and bombs. "The quality of gasoline and diesel has increased substantially since then, although large pump chains still knowingly sell poor fuel," says Kverulant.org.

See the list of fined stations sorted by revision date.

At the bottom of the list is a description of the defects found and what Kverulant.org said could pose a risk to motorists. The list of causes and impacts of the company's defects is prepared in cooperation with Motor World and the D-FENS server.

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