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Where did the glimpse of Halo come from? What about Schick? Answer from Agent Paska

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Now we have ct, his name is Adam Hloek.

At that time he was not able to go, he could not have his manager. Today, it is a championship football kite, the youngest ever, and practically the only eater to stand out in the past. And it will only be seventeen in lt.

What will grow out of Hloka? Nov Rosick?
Look, these are two different types. Vyloen different. A thief, a tonk. A type, physically supreme. The emptiness is an oscillation that is 185 centimeters, shoulders and thick thighs. What they have at their age is enormous potential.

Also a perfect family plot, old joke and a professional contract in Spart.
We have to look at the development of Adam, the critical years to come, how the urit will happen. But it is true that the assumptions of greatness.

Hloek decay. To Sparansk adolescent bo bind records?

What size?
I dare say that the world format is growing here. When he was twelve, I told Mr. Ketnsk, the owner of Sparta: Your brother Daniel is great, I recommend it, but the young hloka should be uric. I added in nadszka: This is a game for Real and Barcelona.

Brother of stars on great football skin srii injured, which puts them in parallel with Rosickmi. The old Jirka was always limiter, while young Tom fired like a rocket.
You know what I'd hate to admire, Adam is a boy and we have to keep thinking. In addition, it is a journey with the club and the family. The triangle should work.

Adam Hlo
Adam Hlo

Adam Hloek showed up in a zero point duel against Pilsen when he scored.

Does Trickle work at Hloka?
We know where we are going and where we want to go. Urit not outside, where the boys receive a youth contract. Our path is esk. Adam has two years in football, in which he is a sports line with economy. I'm going hard as a locomotive as a tractor. In the game itself, in my dreams and at the same time, I respect the club's badge.

But you stamped, and?
When I saw Adam not get used to seventeen sparansk and nothing to force him to do his best, because of the fact that he was physically and stronger, I delivered to Strahov's meeting with a sports chief. I said: cheating, the talent has to move, it also has to force it to work. Put this on!

Only Jaroslav Hebk, director of the Academy of Sparansk, said: Paska is right, let's transfer it. He saw that Adam's physical background, which is out of the way, is giving him a chance to skip the age categories. And I dare to add: When you let him go back to ko, you can pick him up from the set.

What was confirmed
But below is a long way to go.

Tom Rosick practically peskoil reprezend jednadvactku. You included twelve and he directly in ka.
What can I do again? It does not burn the furnace with age, but with power.

Was not she guilty of Hloka?
I just wanted a ct. The place to fit the mosaic that works, so in recent days it looks like the Sparta thne. And that's it soon.

I told Mr. Ketnsk: Mlada Hloka muste mit urit. And in nadszka, I added that it is a game for Real and Barcelona.

Sparta Thorn Fans That Will Soon Disappear.
as it goes a long way, but not now. On the contrary, a new contract is in preparation.

Is the tin boy going to be a million?
We're on the floor. The oven is not about retirement here, but about developing a very young and very talented game.

The talent that big clubs want. Liverpool, too, Manchester City, Bayern.
Upmn, you have a lot on our way, also all of them. And Adam will be ready to go into the world. Not now. Not as patnctilet signed the first contract with Sparta, scouts from all over Europe put enormous pressure on him: get it! Let's make you a star! It is not easy to deduce Arsenal or Bayern. The main family had to say mm argument: While Adam stays in juniors abroad and then will host them to compete, Spart will play the league as an estecilet.

Talent you represented a lot. Namick Rosick, Baro, Micer, Berger, Polk.
And we were together from prison to the end. Twenty-twenty, sometimes even. Nmci of the kaj Langlauf, bh in long tra. I'll take two on both sides. I'm just a star of the good wheel.

Where u have
Time has changed. Today they can put fantastic videos that you would say about the game: Let Messi Messi! It's like Hollywood. They are cheating, reality is not. I have to see these guys on the hunt. Relax in the children, in the frost. Stand up for a shackle, a detnk in one hand, a kind of buffet of the buffet and what the Hloek, Baro, Berger or Rosick do.

But you talked about relationships.
Yes, because it is so. Contact. Instinct. Dvrou. it is not coming now and it's free, it's a long process that does not fill.

And I thought slowly.
By no means, I mean, a new partner will join the ISM agency to run the charges. I am headed by Bernio Ecclestone, who has been out of Formula 1 for ten years, and Dodneka is due to this and criticizes it for being a dailo lp formula.

You know
When he bought Queens Park Rangers in 2007, we made a double deal. Tom Pekhart, who was digging for Tottenham, was interested in him. I knew that Ecclestone is a difficult game, which never runs anywhere. Mm-like ntura.

Do not worry about closing your office and becoming a rentier?
Do this at any moment, but I do not want to. I would like adrenaline. She would miss my life. I would not see the results of my work. As soon as I do, I want to finish. And then the new hr and I are going again. Like a perpetual motion.

Shyness, knockout, is Jin Schick, posted by AS AS

I hope that soon I will travel to the future of Tonko Patrick Schick.
I have to admit I was last week. There was a trenr, a sportsman, but nothing to us. The decisive one will be the season pt. Exactly like Patrik, if he breaks and meets the huge preconditions that Mentln is, he's a personality, he just needs aggression and gl.

In the current seasons, he just scored and at the basics of the series, he had a great deal. He did not play for a minute at the weekend. Are not you angry about that?
Absolutely not. See what the competition is fighting. Deko, Perotti, El Shaarawy, Pastore, Kluivert. Of course we would be very satisfied if the gl was ten, but what it is. Patrik is just under twenty.

Patrik Schick from AS

Patrik Schick from AS slav gl against Empoli.

Claudio Ranieri took the lead and lost a week saying he would be an amplifier at Schick. Is it in the hands?
I hardly think dn hr should be fixed in a trenra, but in a club. The friction with me, the clubs. I repeat my game: do not stand and work! When he is the best, he plays, and anyone is a tren.

So try it differently: would you recommend Summer Schick?
No He has learned a lot in a football game, he is the best in the club and hardly thinks the season will be a test for high school football.

I would say dnh should not fixate on a trenra, but on a club. The friction with me, the clubs.

Great test of the best and also Souka, the hero souasn Slavie U mte vymyleno, where to grow?
It is necessary to find a club that is very strong economically, because the required price …

Ten million euros.
The only drama in the league was Tom Rosick when he went to Dortmund. Not even for Dokal or Schick with the bonuses, Sparta got as much as Slavia for Souka.

Is it difficult to get such a package?
Laka is a high end, especially for a thief. We will see. Looking for a solvent club of the top five contests Tom is a kind of guy and he's ready to take that step.


Tom Souek of Slavia celebrated his performance in the Sparta classic.

Would it be a business majstrtyk?
He's coming, is not he?

Mte put an ace in his hand?
Dv. One is the 2002 ronk, a technical thief from Brno. Kope kick in Spart, ronk 2003. zlonk high and left. It is ndhera if in nj dvat. They know they will be top.

You have a good time. Souek on Chelsea, title and descent

Meanwhile, Milan Baro turns slowly. Or not? He will be eighty years old in his name.
And know that he admitted recently that he would go for a year to go. When will it be healthy for them?

I ask you?
Not Pro? What would he do? Did he sit at home in the gardens and feed the sparrow? Football is your life, your in. Wherever Milan played, he was recognized there. And for the Bank, what is your heart, is a salary of the tuple. Remembering when I wanted to annoy him, I knocked him over: Bars, you go to Sparta!

What was he, and?
Once. I was in the lead he could try when he came back from Turkey five years ago. Jene Milan did not choose: J Patm to Bank.

Milan Baro
Milan Baro

When we are in the legends, one is just a wonderful situation in Spart. Think of the role of a sportsman with Tomi Rosick?
Urit ml from the Lord's peak. Matthias Sammer with Michael Zork in Dortmund and Arsen Wenger in Arsenal. These are the places among the managers. Tom is awfully dark and does not get into the game, so expect me to do a great job.

He had to call Trenra Asnho out of the way.
When in the new zante paper, you experience not only haste, but also disappointed and unpleasant. Also tried the hunter mold. I know that as Tom's power grows, Sparta will grow.

Do you like pm mra?
With pension connected to jet of energy. When you have them, you can realize their fullness. Tom neek way easy. I think year two will last, there should be a title for the title.

Who will win the title this year? The first is Slavia, the type of Plze loses those points.
I can see it from one to ten. For Slavia.

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