When the pirates recede, the crisis does not. Otherwise, he has to find another partner, says Pospíšil


The future of the Prague coalition will be decided on Friday at a coalition meeting. US Air Force leader Jiří Pospíšil wants to resolve a dispute with pirates over the analysis of empty apartments in Prague. The idea of ​​pirates to evaluate data from electricity meters is called espionage. However, according to Pražská energetika (PRE), the necessary data can be obtained without disturbing the privacy of the population. Apart from the pirates, Pospíšil's reaction to the exaggeration is also seen by Deputy Minister of Housing Support, Hana Kordová Marvanová (STAN), who is on the board of the Pospíšil group.

From a business trip to Taiwan, Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (pirates) returned to the first major crisis of the Prague coalition. At least the dispute over the determination of the number of empty apartments with the help of electricity meters was called by Jiří Pospíšil, chairman of the United Power coalition for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN). The metropolitan leadership should be clarified Friday morning at a coalition meeting.

"If the pirates recognize our arguments as acceptable, that is, our coalition will not promote the KSCM program, let's consider this resolved." On the other hand, I must say we are not ready to commit ourselves to this. will have to find another partner, "says Pospíšil.

The whole problem is that the pirates want to get the electricity consumption data from the PRE in apartments in Prague to estimate how many apartments are empty and therefore unused. They want to find out if this is a serious problem that the metropolis must face in the face of the lack of apartments in Prague. Opinions vary.

According to the pirates, the dispute with Pospisil is just a misunderstanding. "I suppose we say it quickly because we are not suggesting that people go over electricity meters or introduce the tax on empty apartments.If Mr. Pospisil picked up the phone and called the mayor, he quickly learns how things are told in the media that we are pushing for something that we do not enforce, "says councilor for housing Adam Zábranský (pirates).

Given that PRE data should be purely anonymous, ie without data on specific apartments or their residents, collecting this information is not in accordance with Zabrans spabing. However, according to the president of TOP 09, the city has access to anonymous electricity consumption data in individual urban districts today.

"Thanks to them, you can find out, and now I'm thinking of exact figures, that there are three percent of buying points in Prague 1, but no one can tell if they are apartments or non-residential premises.It goes to the pirates for that percentage , then let them find out, but I do not know what they will read, "says Pospíšil.

This is also confirmed by the PRE. "This is how we analyze the data for the concept of energy, where the load of individual residential units and parts is monitored. However, they do not focus on apartments or their low consumption," says Petr Holubec, a spokeswoman for PRE.

At the same time, he adds that the company is able to provide the city with more accurate data by focusing directly on the apartments, based on which the city administration would see empty apartments according to the measured electricity consumption. "But we will never give anyone any data that anyone can contact a particular apartment," Holubec notes.

I do not see any crisis, says Marvan

Pospíšil's acute reaction is also noted by the housing support councilor, Hana Kordová Marvanová (STAN), who was elected the Pospíšil group for the city hall.

"I do not see this as something serious, I'm surprised at the depth of the conflict, I understand that it's just a matter of consideration from the pirates and that this is not something they're going to impose," he says.

According to her, Pospisil did not consult her practice against the pirates in the Representative Club of the United States for Prague and explains its acute reaction by the pressure of the right electors. "It is possible that when he is the president of TOP 09, voters and fellow citizens turn to him and want an explanation for him," says Counselor Marvan.

She adds that she would also object to the measures, but had a written promise from the mayor, who had sent Taiwan to all the councilors and said she would explain everything after returning from her business trip.

Higher taxes still not on the table, say pirates

Pospisil also opposed the possibility of raising the property tax for owners who own an empty apartment. For example, to make them rental apartments, or at least to raise funds for the city to invest in popular housing. A similar system works, for example, in Vancouver, Canada, which is trying to prevent large foreign investors who are not interested in renting them from often buying their apartments while rents are increasing for ordinary residents.

Nevertheless, the pirates argue that they do not promote any of this. However, Pospisil argues in social networks with the article Aktualne.cz last week, where the mayor commented on the problem of empty apartments in Prague.

In it, Boletus did not say he wanted the introduction of a higher property tax. Only such a possibility has not been ruled out by the fact that some foreign metropolises have built up the problem of buying empty flats in this way. He added that the decision on how to deal with the situation would be in one of the ministries, not in the capital. However, in his view, Prague must first obtain relevant data that it can provide to ministries.

Zábranský also speaks in the same way, admitting that taxing empty apartments could be one of the options if this problem really bothered Prague. "But first we want to find out how many apartments are empty in Prague. When we find out, we can talk about whether it's a problem or how we want to solve it," Zabransky adds.

On the side of the pirates, the chairman of the third Prague coalition, Jan Čižinský, has also risen, according to which the metropolis needs a similar analysis. He has not ruled out any attempt to introduce a tax on empty apartments.

But Pospíšil rejects such considerations. "As a right-wing party, we respect private property as inviolable. If someone, based on legally collected money, acquires real estate under Czech law, we will honor the Czech legislation," he says. Even if it turns out that there is a fundamental problem with the number of empty apartments in Prague, but the House of Representatives, it should not solve such a situation.

"For example, by limiting the possibility of buying real estate by foreigners from outside the European Union, I emphasize, however, that I am not a fan of this, either, it is afraid that any measure will also affect Czech families." a solution that does not affect the Czech family, who inherited her grandmother's apartment and does not rent it immediately, "adds Pospisil.

In addition, people often buy a second apartment as a guarantee for old age, because the absence of a pension reform does not give them better opportunities to prepare for the next years of life. Therefore, the state should not punish them for this.


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