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When mobile operators do not get cheap, they deserve more taxes –

"In principle, I reject the sectoral tax, but mobile operators deserve to be taxed because they are scandalously abusing their market stance and arrogant at the top. In five years, they have received 55 billion in dividends and are not ashamed that the Czechs have some of the most expensive data in Europe. It's a clear message, so I hope they finally get the nose and make the prices cheaper, "Babis told Pravo.

According to the prime minister, the antitrust office is to blame. "If the Office for the Protection of Competition were to operate normally here, the operators would have received a gigantic fine for their cartel. There is normal competition in the banking market, but we only have three mobile operators. This is not competition, "he said, adding that insurers pay low taxes and want to resolve it.

According to the February study of Point Topic, the Czechs paid the highest number of gigabytes ever in Europe. Last year, the data were the most expensive third parties in Europe.

ČSSD wants bank tax

Babis declined to give his opinion on the sectoral tax against which he wanted to pass the CSSD. Soc. Dem. but now he talks about the need to introduce higher taxes for banks. According to the CSSD, without a bank tax, there will be no money for a government program, the party says it would add an extra 14 billion to its state budget.

"The experience of introducing a sectoral tax is negative because it will become everything. I still have the same opinion. The fact that the sectoral tax will be. dem talking to Finance Minister Schiller does not mean I've turned around. But I doubt they agree with your suggestions because they have the same opinion as I do, "he added.

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