What to expect from a group of two Klaus? Probably going higher than the real side


In the political arena, a new political project began to emerge in the spring. Behind him is the rebel Václav Klaus the Younger, whose views were already on the conservatives in the ODS. And his father, former president of the Civic Democrats and former president Václav Klaus.

Does Klaus' set have a chance to succeed with voters? "This is hard to estimate today. As Klaus the Younger is extremely successful in various online disciplines, such as Facebook comments or blogs, thousands of people actually read it. But on the other hand, the question is whether this interest can turn into a real voter's vote, "says Václav Dolejší, a political reporter for the List. "I think if Okamura's SPD falls, then it's possible these voters – radicalized, asking for change – vote for Klaus."

Will Klaus Younger ODS lose a poll, revealing that he is better known to voters than current President Petr Fiala? "He actually approached a portion of the voters. Above all, with his blogs, where the conservative almost 50 years has warned against several modern disasters. But that's all. Klaus warns against many things, but he has no ideas for solutions. What he lacked was-politely speaking-political work. That he would get support within the party, he came up with a solution and tried to push it. "

The new group of two Klaus will present their show after the summer. The party's focus is expected to be conservative and anti-liberal. "Václav Klaus Junior says he wants a lot of focus in the field, he wants to have a pub, a district championship football coach and so on. So they will want to address the voters who are missing out on the world today, which is rapidly changing And they will try to be an anchor to them. "

How active will Vlaclav Klaus, 72, be at the party? "I think he would want to help his son, like any parent, go wrong," says Dolejsi. "So Václav Klaus gives senior interviews, supports his son, is supposed to be a member of the emeritus – honorary chairman, will provide him with the background of his Institute, both will be involved.But I would not say he would run somewhere.

When Klaus the Younger was expelled from the ODS, Petr Fiala said he would no longer become a politician on a flight. But will Klaus Elder, one of the strongest political figures of the last decades, defend his son, Klaus the Elder? "I do not expect the two big egos to be close to each other," Dolejsi said. "I am more concerned that this project is not so much a political party that Klaus would like to succeed with regional or parliamentary elections." But – according to how Vaclav Klaus is set to make a presidential election in 2023. "

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Reporters List, April 22, 2019: Trap on Shuman. Two Klaus and a new party. Other problems in the Central Bohemian district. And church groping. (Video: Lukáš Sál)


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