What is the Q Initiative, Apple works on its own maps and the Twitter Counter ends


FilmStruck, a streaming service for classic movies, ends. The ability to stream thousands of classic movies to $ 99 a year ends in November and is likely to be the acquisition of WarnerMedia by AT & T (the end has already seen DramaFever and Super Deluxe). For the Czech Republic, FilmStruck was unavailable.

The Gab social network, popular fascists and other similar entities, is no longer. The Pittsburgh shooter, which killed 11 people, worked on this network and even reported the shooting. Gabu later declined to provide services not just with PayPal, Stripe and Joyent, but also with the GoDaddy domain registrar. In addition, CNN mentions that Gab has also been removed from Google Play and the App Store. Google Play has not been banned on Google Play since 2017, and Apple also had problems in 2016. Gab at the substitute address promises to do everything to prevent them from being silenced. CEO Gabes Andrew Torba presents a bit like a holy war, censors and announces that they are moving to new lodging. That will be very interesting to watch. More details see Paypal bans Gab follow shot Pittsburgh and two more platforms suspended Gab following the Pittsburgh shooting.


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Gmail has 1.5 billion active users, information has emerged do not tweet @gmail account.

The Recode server leaves traffic and becomes part of Vox.com. Recode was one of the waves of journalistic startups led by the journalists themselves. Recode becomes the Vox.com (parent company) section, but remains a trademark. Restricted status is not counted and the files remain on Recode.net. See Recode's technology and media site to be doubled on Vox.com where you will find that in September 2018, visitors were only 1.36 million unique visitors, half of what the server had a year ago.

Flickr ends with 1 TB of free and Yahoo accounts. The plan paid (pro) is unlimited. The first one is annoying (because you can only have 1,000 photos / videos on Flickr for free), but it was expected after the acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug. The other is positive. See a sharper focus for Flickr and why we're changing the free Flickr accounts.

The 0day jQuery plugin has been actively explored in the last three years. There is a correction, but the point is when it is expanded enough. The JQuery File Upload problem allows you to control the server. It is not good to underestimate it, it is not only one of the most popular plug-ins, but it is also extensively extended to other projects in various other CMS / Internet add-ons. You can even find instructions on how to abuse him on YouTube. See Zero-day in the popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years.


Enough: EOS is not a blockchain, it's just a common cloud service that also loses the most important features of a blockchain. See Search: EOS is not a blockchain, it's a glorified cloud computing service.

Diablo III and Dark Souls are now available for the Nintendo Switch. Wonderful. And in "Immortal" form, Diablo will appear for iOS and Android. In the full MMORPG form.


He made the crypts and now wants to build a utopian community. The launch even had in Prague, and now, after Prague, you can find their billboards, blockchains.com. And not that when watching the second video, you think of The Circle:


Twitter counter ends. There is nothing on the service website (the web has been a little hurt for some time), the end announced on Twitter. Why this ends, is not explained, but Twitter will continue to be part of it, which continues to restrict the API and ecosystem.

How to print a newspaper from the first page of search results? Pay a few thousand foreigners for 20 cents and it's over. A lesson in someone paid thousands of foreigners 20 cents to hide HuffPost's negative coverage of a democratic PAC. Clearly, it was a critical article that did not suit anyone (in this case, the US Democrats).

Facebook targets "white genocide," and it can be said that it has learned from similar misconduct of the past, but money and business interests still seem to dominate a responsible approach. By the way, this segmentation allowed 168,000 users to access the US. See ADVERTISERS ALLOWED BY THE FACEBOOK TO TARGET USERS INTERESTED IN "WHITE GENOCIDE", EVEN ACCORDING TO THE PITTSBURGH MASSACRE.


The suspect of the bombings in Twitter threatened, was denounced and Twitter ignored him. Now Apologize for the mistake. The common practice in all previous cases of failure on Twitter and Facebook. Never took the correction. See Twitter suspends accounts linked to the suspected mail bomb.

Investigating the unreliable Bloomberg story about Supermicro's espionage is a very detailed analysis of why virtually everything Bloomberg invented, the absurd and no spy chip on Supermicro's motherboards. Check out Investigating Implausible Bloomberg Supermicro Stories to find out what it's all about. To be a concise conclusion is one that has been known for weeks: Bloomberg editors have discovered this.

Facebook splits WorkPlace (Facebook for Business) into WorkPlace.com to say it's satisfied with security-conscious businesses. It's hard to say if Facebook thinks companies and customers are infinitely stupid but that WorkPlace runs on a different domain than Facebook does not change anything. Still, it is Facebook, which has nothing to do inside companies, and there is no company data. It can not be safe. In addition, Facebook serves the same reason as everyone else: it wants you and your business to know everything. See that Facebook is separating Workplace from the main Facebook site to satisfy corporate customers concerned about security.

Russian hackers say they have sales data for 180 million hacked Facebook accounts. For now, they only sell news content of only 81,000. Facebook responded to this by not hacking. It's good to add that Facebook has been leaking for almost a year now, and the allegation that security issues have affected only 18 million accounts, of course, is unreliable. But hackers do not have to do anything about it – the flood of people uses passwords on Facebook that escape them from other services, another flood will gladly fill in the password on anything that pops up on the screen. Basic malware and information sources can also be malicious extensions to browsers and malware. View Private Messages from 81,000 Facebook hacked accounts for sale.


Video more than two minutes on Facebook is not working, alert Why we abandoned the Facebook video for more than two minutes and is also related to Facebook's blow to advertisers and the media. Falsifying video display numbers along with autoplay has created the impression that people on Facebook like videos. In addition, they crave long videos. They do not. However, long videos work on YouTube.

According to Mthe ark of Zuckerberg is the future of sharing through news and stories. The first to send more than 100 billion a day through Facebook applications, the other 1 billion a day. This painting of the future has some problems. The main thing is that Facebook can not be trusted, fakes repeatedly to suit your interests. It was repeatedly revealed that Facebook lied. The second is that Mark Zuckeberg still lives in the chat room "sharing" photos. They do not share, they send. It seems insignificant, but it is not. This is another way of using it, which is related to the fact that, in private cabins, advertising has a big problem. See Zuckerberg says the future is to share through messages 100B and 1B Stories / day.

New Twitter allow reports, that the account is (you think) a bot. It's part of a fake account that has little support on how Twitter works. It's not Facebook, so Twitter does not have to run a live person. In addition, the new option is called "the tweets account is fake" and is hidden under spam reports.

Facebook says stories just say you do not want them, that's your problem. In the new tested form, stories appear as a complete view at the beginning of the classic news feed. This newsfeed, where you can not see anything from the pages you're a fan of, and still see content from friends. See on Facebook Testing Another New Layout of Stories as it continues to Send Usage.

Twitter laments that "Killing All Jews" appeared among the themes "trends". It lasted for about ten minutes, but the trait made it quite noticeable. See Twitter is sorry about the whole thing of & # 39; Killing all the Jews & # 39; "Killing all Jews" appeared again automatically, and Twitter has been unable to learn for years that he can not perform such things without restraint. Paradoxically, Twitter says that the trend is moderated by living people.


Apple is busy working on its own maps, and in the NEW APPLE MAP, they show interesting changes and mention some techniques that complement satellite-based information on conventional maps. Long reading with flood of examples "now" and "before".

Deliveries of smartphones in the third quarter of 2018 fell 6%. This is stated by IDC in global smartphone shipments with a 6.0% decline in the third quarter of 2018 as the leading vendor and largest market face the challenges, according to IDC.

TikTok (formerly Musical.ly) has more downloads than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. See TikTok outperformed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in downloads last month.

When you have an iPhone all your life, it will cost you $ 5300. Or perhaps for $ 75,000 if you are still creatively shuffling the prices of phone and data services. Original Analysis See the $ 75,000 cell phone bill and the $ 5,300 iPhone: will smartphones steal your retirement? For fun, see $ 300,000 where they are even more creative and claim that you will lose $ 300,000 because you could invest them. Especially, the cucumber season is no longer and April is not.


IBM is about to acquire Red Hat, according to Bloomberg, from IBM's Nears agreement to acquire software maker Red Hat. Red Hat has a market value of $ 20.5 billion. See also OFFICIAL: IBM is acquiring software company Red Hat for $ 34 billion, which includes a possible acquisition price of $ 34 billion. It also shows that IBM will continue to do what Red Hat did in open source, no partnership with other companies will end and Red Hat will continue to be an independent unit with the current leadership.

This is confirmed by Red Hat at IBM's Acquire RED HAT, COMPLETELY CHANGING THE CLOUD LANDSCAPE AND BECOMING THE HYBRID NETWORK PROVIDER NUMBER OF THE WORLD, and two blog articles: Red Hat + IBM: Creating the Leading Provider and Additional Important Information and Where to Find It. If you're interested in more, read the 100 Year Oldest Bet or Why IBM buys Red Hat or Red Hat: Get out of your main product and fly to the top.

Apple will not provide more sales numbers for iPhone, iPad, Mac or other hardware. See that Apple will stop reporting iPhone sales. Here's why, where they mention that numbers (stacks of numbers) are stagnant, but business volumes are rising due to increasingly expensive products. So when Apple fails to count the number of parts sold, that drawback will be less visible.

Is the Q Initiative another encryption, a payment system or just a failure? On weekends, social networks can not be noticed, the links to invitations to initiativeq.com are everywhere. Occasionally someone writes "It's PayPal people" (no, actually it's not). In the present form, it is extremely uncertain what it is – but one thing is certain: no one can massively distribute money, even those non-existent cryptosomes (promising / suggesting that they will have dollar value). For fun, the registration is good, it is also good to study how to make waves in social networks. If not, see What's Initiative Q: Is it the new bitcoin, or just a big fake schema? and what is the initiative Q: New network to pay for encryption or token Q token spam defective?


More than fifty e-mail marketing infiltration numbers suggest that you could be useful for the 2019 strategy. That's a good reminder. It's time to solve 2019. See 50+ email marketing statistics to guide your strategy in 2019 [Infographic].

23 metrics you can use to track success in content marketing. See 23 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Success [Infographic] and keep in mind that some metrics are not as good (such as the number of pages viewed).

One hundred free marketing tools is a fairly useful overview of various tools. It should be added that some of them are only available free of charge. And it might be a good idea to explore the Conversation Prism.

Good Behavior Rules on Cell Phones or Smartphone 2018 Tag.

What (mostly) did not go into the articles and worth the attention of last week. It might be helpful, you may have noticed, perhaps escaped the flood of hundreds of articles and reports that appeared last week. Hand-sorted hundreds of fonts and thousands of messages read. In the vast majority of foreign countries.

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