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The fact that the Lidl chain of stores is not just potatoes and bread has been clear for a while, because sometimes it's a surprise to some providers of gardening tools, do-it-yourself tools or something to nerd. This time, Silvercrest wireless charger with a very attractive price of 349 CZK.

The charger is compatible with Qi, a standard among manufacturers, so you should have no problems with any phone. On the drawing side I really like the textile cover, which not only looks beautiful but mostly does not scratch the back of the phone. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks: slick modern glass backs slip on this surface. Although slowly but steadily. I tried charging Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and it went without problems, but for example, Huawei P30 Pro slipped slowly due to raised triple lenses and the phone can hardly be charged without any additional security. Alternatively, you may need to use a case.

On the other hand, the charger has a metal that is fairly flat again but does not slide on the table. The charger then carries a 1.5 m cable with a USB-A terminal. Look for the source in the package, there is only one tab.

The charger has two power modes: 5W and 10W The basic 5W mode will work if you connect a 5V power supply, and you can also be a powerful 2.4A power supply. 1.7 A, that today's fast chargers play. Unfortunately, not all of them. I tested Silvercrest with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 where it gives an original charger of 9V and 1.67A, so the wireless charger only worked in 5W. For the second measurement I used the Axagon ACU-QC5 source, which is certified for Quick Charge 3.0 and can do 9 V and 2 A. The difference in the charging time is then over one hour!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Charging 15 to 90%

  • Samsung Original Charger + Cable: 1h 10m
  • Charger & Regulated Adapter Samsung Original + Silvercrest Qi: 2 h 51 m
  • Charger & Regulated Adapter Axagon ACU-QC5 + Silvercrest Qi: 1h 50m

For CZK 349, there is no need to think too much, the charger is great for the money. 10 W is not the highest value in the market, but it is more than enough. And one more thing I have to appreciate, the charger neither knows about itself, no whistling or something, in fact, the phone announces the sound of the beep, but I like the simple and decent LED signage that is blue when the phone is charging or green when ready.


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