We can not buy alcohol at gas stations any time soon! They want to disable it – AutoTN.cz


Were you accustomed to going to a party and at the last minute did you buy the bottle at the gas station? It will not be possible soon. Health ministers fear that the Czechs are leading the European classifications of alcohol consumption. On average, every Czech drinks more than 14 liters of alcohol a year, one liter of strong brandy.

A long-term strategy to reduce alcohol consumption is in place in the Cabinet Office of the Government of Government Government. In particular, it introduces a higher excise tax on alcohol and tobacco, and other measures are to reduce alcohol sales in terms of local availability. This would prohibit the sale of alcohol, for example, in gasoline pumps. He tells us about the law on Wednesday.

Alcohol advertising should also be restricted, similar to cigarettes. Tobacco ads can not be on TV. Vojtěch said that these measures would be enforced by the government. But the Cabinet said earlier that it would require a reduction in the tax on beer consumption.


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