Volkswagen due to Dieselgate suits over 685 Czechs –


The District Court of Prague 8 recently recognized the claim for damages to the Czech owners associated with Safe Diesel and DieselGate. According to a decision published this week, VW will pay damages totaling 636 million Czech crowns. Volkswagen will appeal the trial.

"Following the decision of the District Court of Prague 8, we now record hundreds of new clients daily. We will soon add your claims to the lawsuit, "said František Honsa of the BBH law firm, which represents the injured consumer.

The total number of consumers claiming their claims against carmakers in the Czech Republic is over 7,000 people. Adjusted software vehicles are around 165,000 in the Czech Republic.

Four years ago, the American Environment Agency accused VW of its turbo-diesel engines of circumventing the homologation emission measurements. The 1.2 to 2.0 liter TDI engine recognized when the car was tested for emissions and went into an environmentally sound mode that produces significantly less pollutants.

In the US, damages were received

Overall, these engines were installed on 11 million VW cars worldwide, of which about 1.2 million are from Skoda.

In the US, Volkswagen paid car owners a compensation of $ 5100 to $ 10,000. It also offered the owners the repair or the rescue of the car. In Germany, the group has already accepted a fine of € 1 billion and hundreds of thousands of owners of the vehicles in question claim compensation in Europe.


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