Vodafone is not unlimited in the EU. Beware of data charges


Since 2017, we can call and write in the EU without surcharges, that is, under the same conditions as at home. At that time, however, it was necessary to resolve the data, or its limit, that the user can use outdoors without surcharges. Specifically, the data should simply have its limitations to avoid overuse and thus "ruin" the operators.

It may be funny, for operators, it is not so much fun anymore. They are still paying for their calls, SMS and data to their contractual partners in a particular country, which is paid mainly by operators in countries where tourism is not as strong. They do not receive enough money, but they have to pay high amounts for the operation of their overseas clients. Some solved this by splitting the data at home and abroad, the first to come up with a similar model was Orange.

T-Mobile provides data for the summer, Vodafone is (not) limited. O2 is preparing news on data

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T-Mobile provides data for the summer, Vodafone is (not) limited. O2 is preparing news on data

It was clear that similar restrictions would have to be touched by Vodafone's completely unlimited tariffs, which were introduced only a few days ago. It was also revealed by the carrier's price list, depending on how large a group of users gets the unlimited rate. The more subscribers, the lower the price of an unlimited rate, but also the smaller data port that a SIM card can use abroad without additional cost.

EU data for Vodafone Unlimited

Monthly rate Data in the EU Additional charge for 1 GB
Unlimited by 2 2 × $ 39.95 * 2 × 17.15 GB 114.8 Kč
Unlimited by 3 3 × 732 Kč * t 3 × 12.39 GB 114.8 Kč
Unlimited by 4 4 × 599 Kč * 4 × 10.01 GB 114.8 Kč
Unlimited by 5 5 × 599 Kč * 5 × 9.72 GB 114.8 Kč
Unlimited by 6 6 × 599 Kč * t 6 × 9.53 GB 114.8 Kč

* The price does not include mandatory Internet at home, the cheapest for CZK 399 (20/2 Mbit / s).

As we can see in the table, with the increase in the number of subscribers under a contract, the price, but also the volume of data, is actually falling. You get the most data for 1 SIM if you are 2 years old, and then there is a limit of about 17 GB for each. And with that the holiday can survive. Of course we are no longer talking about unlimited browsing or unlimited movie downloads. Let's add to the table that the Vodafone Unlimited for 6 offer can be extended to up to 10 SIMs for corporate customers, always with a tariff price of CZK 599 for each mobile number, with the other terms and conditions, including the data package for use. abroad, are identical to those of Vodafone Unlimited for 6.

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More than 100,000 customers use unlimited T-Mobile data – updated

So, what happens if you run out of food? As stated in the price list, "Vodafone reserves the right to apply, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 531/2012, the volume of data free of charge in Zone 1, which will be updated under the conditions set out in this Regulation.". In other words, if you exceed the limit, Vodafone may charge a surcharge of CZK 0,0001148 per 1 kB. It is best to note the surcharge if we convert it to 1 GB. In this case, Vodafone will charge CZK 114.8.


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